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4 Ways to Skyrocket Your Website Results (in 2022)

1-Organic Traffic will mean the difference between success and failure

An outstanding 53% of online traffic comes from organic search results.

What this means for your website is that if you are not optimizing for organic search, you are guaranteed to lose many visitors.

One of the best ways to ensure you are optimizing for organic search is to use an SEO tool like Semrush.

This tool allows for all metrics on your website(including organic keyword search results) to be summarized so you know exactly what to work on for optimization.

In addition to using a metrics tool, it is imperative to scan your website for any broken or invalid links.

Broken or invalid links prevent Google from fully crawling(scanning) your pages for the organic words that will come up on the results page.

2-Make sure your website loads as fast as possible on Mobile devices.

Let’s face it, cell phones have become a part of our actual anatomy in 2022 and even before.

Think of the last time you went for a mere 30 minutes without looking at or searching for something on your phone.

Imagine your website being searched for by someone on their phone and loading extremely slowly. That’s right, that person will not stay for long and will move on.

For your website to load as fast as possible, a tool like is needed.

This online free tool allows you to not only know how fast your website loads but, what you can do to improve your loading speed.

In addition to, there are countless WordPress plug-ins you can install on your website that will automatically optimize your pages for speed.

When installing wordpress plug-ins make sure to install plug-ins that have a lot of positive reviews.

The plug-in market is insane in how many new plug-ins are added on a daily basis so the more positive reviews on your plug-in of choice the better.

3-Make sure there are CTAs ALL over your website.

CTA’s “Call To Action” buttons allow visitors to your site to solicit or sign up for your services.

This, in short, is the only reason for a website in the first place. No sign-ups/subscriptions = no money for your business.

Here are some CTA buttons you have to have on every page of your site:

“Sign Up to Receive the latest”

“Schedule a quick chat today”

“Buy now”

4-Improve your website’s domain authority.

The domain authority of your website will determine how many visitors you get every month, there are no 2 ways about it.

When you first create your website you will have an authority score of 1.

As you work hard to improve this score, you will notice more and more visitors clicking on your website. 

One of THE key ways of improving your DA(domain authority) score is by adding high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks coming back to a specific page of your website will ensure that the page ranks higher on Google.

In order to obtain high-quality backlinks, you need to reach out to websites with a high DA(30 or above) and provide something they need in order for them to agree to a backlink.

This can either be a guest post, or a sponsored post of a collaborative effort where something from your site can improve something on their site.

About the Author:

Pablo Espinal is a father, online marketer, and web designer based out of the Brooklyn NY area. You can see more of what he does here: