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Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Korean Language Online

안녕하세요! (Hello!) Many people appear to be interested in studying the Korean language. And why not? It's beautiful, musical, and notoriously difficult to learn. Worry no more – we're here to help. Look no further if you're looking for amazing resources to learn Korean online! In this blog post, we'll share our top 10 favorite websites to learn Korean.

This article will help Korean language learners with their problems and point them to the best websites to help them learn the language.

What is Hangul?

Hangul is also known as the Korean alphabet and the Korean writing system that has been praised as one of the most user-friendly alphabets in the world. It was created by King Sejong the Great in 1443 as a reflection of Korean culture, and it remains the official alphabet of North and South Korea today. Hangul comprises 24 letters, including 14 consonants and ten vowels.

The letters are arranged into syllabic blocks, making Hangul easy and efficient to read and write. Moreover, Hangul can be written vertically or horizontally, making it versatile and adaptable.

Websites to learn Korean online

1. Annyeong Korean

This webpage is regarded as being beneficial. It offers free online Korean language lessons. Its courses are designed for intermediate learners, although beginners and those who have mastered the fundamentals of the language can also readily understand them.

Offering lectures on the Korean vocabulary used when traveling; it provides guides for tourists. Korean language and vocabulary needed for ordinary discussions are covered in the courses. The higher Korean grammar rules are covered in Korean grammar lectures.

2. Book2

There are numerous classes about learning Korean on this website. It is pertinent to date, numbers, time, days, etc., and concentrates on specific everyday conversational terms.

The grammar rules needed to carry out discussions in daily life are covered in classes in this Korean language learning course. These are backed up with audio recordings that both pronounce and interpret each phrase, giving the student control back.

3. Lingo

This website is free for those who want to study advanced Korean grammar. Both advanced learners and those just starting can benefit from using it.

Lessons in this course cover are translating Korean words and phrases. The lectures are kept engaging and thrilling by the audio playbacks that support them.

4. Langitro

Do you want to take Korean online lessons from the comfort of your own home? You can find a list of the topics Langitro covers on its home page.

Their material is easy and quick for every first-grade student to understand. The website has information about the Korean alphabet, grammar, speaking Korean, and how to say words.

5. Duolingo

It is an online language learning platform that is free and offers courses in over 30 foreign languages. It is a free app that can be used for learning the Korean language. The app offers lessons in Korean grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Duolingo also allows users to practice their Korean skills by talking to native speakers.

In addition, the app tracks users' progress and motivates them to keep learning. Duolingo is an effective way to learn Korean because it is interactive, engaging, and affordable.

6. How to Study Korean

This website is a very useful trip for learning a language. The lessons start at the beginner level, where you are supposed to learn words, phrases, and how to say them. And these lessons cover things like rules of grammar and sentence structure, among other things.

This is considered one of the best free websites for learning Korean as a native Korean would.

7. Busy Atom

Busy Atom is an Online Korean Course Platform. It has courses to help people who want to learn Korean. It is a video tutorial where a teacher shows you how to speak Korean easily.

This class starts with basic Korean words, the alphabet, grammar, etc. As you get better at those, you get more advanced lessons on how to make sentences and use everyday phrases, among other things. This website is also free, and many people like it because it has video lessons that keep the students interested in the lesson.

8. Memrise

This is also a free course to help you learn Korean. This website has a lot of lectures to help people learn the Korean writing system, Korean script, conversational phrases, Korean vowels, and many other parts of the language.

The lessons also teach the alphabet, numbers, grammar, pronunciation, and other things. On this website, users rate each lecture based on how well it sounds. This lets the student decide which lesson to take first.

The lecturer is not just one person, which is another thing that makes this website stand out. Different lecturers can upload their lectures anytime, and users can click the "Upload" button to do the same whenever they want.

9. Korean 101

This is another free website with Korean lessons. Every lesson has audio playback, which helps people learn languages.

The lessons cover vocabulary, the Korean alphabet, grammar, and everyday conversational phrases. There are also different groups of words in the Korean language, which helps people learn them quickly.

This website also has some other tools for the Korean language, like the Korean keyboard, which will help you type in Korean. Radio and translators from Korea. Etc.

10. 90-day Korean

90-day Korean is a website that provides users with a 90-day plan to learn the Korean language. The website contains various resources, including grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, and audio files.

They focus on pronunciation as their first teaching stage, while the second stage focuses on grammar. The third stage introduces more difficult vocabulary, and the fourth focuses on conversation skills.

The full 90 Day Korean course is designed to last for 12 months. It is split into four modules that should each take three months to finish, according to the standard schedule.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it--our top 10 choices for the best websites to learn Korean. We hope one or more of these tools works well for you and helps you reach your language learning goals. Have we missed any other great sites? Tell us in the comments section below! Lastly, remember to bookmark this page so you can access it later and use it as a resource.