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Design the Perfect Kid-Friendly Sunroom

There are endless possibilities if you want to create a sunroom to accommodate your child’s daily life. Your kids will get to enjoy the sunshine while being safe indoors away from bugs, weather, or allergies. Kids have all sorts of toys, books, and activities that will enrich their lives that can take place in a new sunroom

Create a Safe & Comfortable Environment

Carpet is a great way to help protect kids from hard falls and provides a great space to sit on the floor and play. Adding colorful area rugs will add playfulness to the space and even some learning prompts depending on your choices. Leave out anything breakable such as glass, or any expensive furniture especially if you plan for your children to spend a lot of time in there. If you want to include a TV we recommend mounting it to the wall so it can't be knocked over while running around. 

A Workstation for Homework

If you homeschool, or your kids are of the age to be in school, this can be a great area to do homework. The open feeling of glass windows can help some kids feel free and open to think and be creative. If you have kids trying to share a work area currently, this can also help to give each of them their own space to think. You can make a cozy nook for reading, where there are shelves of books and a comfy place to sit. Cubbie shelves are a great way to store lots of items and group them by topic, color, or age group while being easy to reach. The thing about this type of space is that the possibilities are endless. You can include benches, bean bags, built-in cabinets, fold-up desks, or paint areas; let your imagination soar, or ask your kids what they might want to see!  

Cultivate a Perfect Play Area

Maybe you don't want to use the whole room for these ideas. That's perfectly fine, kids are small and often enjoy having a small dedicated area to sit and play. Is your kid creative? You could add a craft area with a magnet board, bulletin board, or chalkboard wall where all of their favorite creations can be on display without cluttering the fridge or the energy being directed at other walls. A fold-up table with lots of colors can be pulled out for art projects. Benches can be added for hideaways or used for storing toys or craft supplies. 

Enjoy the Sunshine in a Comfortable Space

In most places, school starts in August, the hottest month of the year. Having a sunroom set up for children is the perfect way to allow them to be "outside" in the sunshine while not having to worry about overheating. It can also be a great area to enjoy summer treats without dripping on your home's floors. More and more kids have allergies, such as grass or bees. This is a great way to allow them to enjoy natural light and even summer breezes while reducing or eliminating their exposure to their allergies. 

There are so many other ways you can change up your sunroom to be the perfect place for your kids to play that there is no way we could address them all here. By taking a look at what your kids enjoy doing most, and the space you have at your disposal, you can make something perfect for your family and lifestyle! You could even chat with your children and figure out what they might want in the space that might be currently missing. Most importantly, make sure it is fun and inviting!